Máy sấy UV Dymax BlueWave QX4 LED Multi-Head

System Intensity
RediCure™, 365 nm - Intensity at Various Working Distances

Click to Enlarge    RediCure™, 365 nm - Intensity* at Various Working Distances

PrimeCure™, 385 nm - Intensity at Various Working Distances

Click to Enlarge    PrimeCure™, 385 nm - Intensity* at Various Working Distances

VisiCure®, 405 nm - Intensity at Various Working Distances

Click to Enlarge    VisiCure®, 405 nm - Intensity* at Various Working Distances

*Measured using a Dymax ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED Radiometer

System Features & Benefits

Features Benefits

One controller up to four LED heads
  • Provides maximum application flexibility

LED heads available in 365, 385, or 405 nm wavelengths
  • Compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials
  • Wavelength flexibility allows co-optimization of adhesive and curing system for optimal cure
  • Units can be custom configured to your curing requirements

Variable mode allows each LED head to be programmed independently
  • Individual exposure times and intensity settings available in 1% increments for each LED head allows for maximum curing flexibility

Interchangeable/Replaceable focusing lenses in 3-, 5-, and 8-mm diameters
  • Allows tailoring of the unit to your curing requirements

Instant on-off
  • No warm-up period
  • More energy efficient

Efficient LED-head temperature management
  • Maximized continuous operation without overheating
  • Comfortable hand-held operating temperature
  • Temperature monitoring assures maximum LED life

PLC interface
  • Easily incorporated into automated systems

Available System Components

Complete BlueWave® QX4™ systems feature a controller/power supply with a foot switch, up to four LED heads/wands, and one of the three lenses needs to be ordered for each head/wand in order to function properly. The length of the head/wand with the direct wired cable is 0.5 M (end to end). Components are sold separately.

385 nm
405 nm
365 nm
System Components
Controller/Power Supply
with Foot Switch
41572 No Power Cord*
41573 Asian Version (Type G Power Cord)
41571 North American Version (Cord with 120V Plug)

5028 Foot Switch
LED Head/Wand 41550 41551 41552
Lenses 41553 3-mm Lens
41557 5-mm Lens
41560 8-mm Lens
41554 3-mm Lens
41558 5-mm Lens
41561 8-mm Lens
41556 3-mm Lens
41559 5-mm Lens
41562 8-mm Lens
Connection Cable
41563 0.5 M Extension
41564 1.0 M Extension
41565 1.5 M Extension
41566 2.0 M Extension
Spare Parts
AC Power Adapter 41547
Power Cords 41548 North American Power Cord
41549 Asian Power Cord


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